Exploring the wine world

A calicata is an exploration that is done in a terrain to determine the existence of minerals and the nature of the soil. Too technical, right? Maybe, but it’s a word that says a lot. I chose this name for several reasons. The first one is that I like how it sounds, like a clatter. Ca – li – ca – ta

The second reason is that I liked it to be an exploration and that’s what I want to write about. The third reason is that this word is also linked to wine and winemaking. In the vineyards calicatas are made to study the composition of the soil where the vines are planted. The minerals present in the soil influence the characteristics of the wine produced. Every terroir has a different influence on the wine, for that reason we can find so much diversity.

The project is to visit the wine regions of the world. We started the trip in March 2016. We left our life behind, our office jobs, our routine. We travel slowly, discovering cities, towns and places where wines are produced.

We like to know the stories of the producers, their difficulties, their joys and what wine means to people. Also, meet winemakers, sommeliers, tour guides and discover their link with wine and the motives that led them to enter to the profession they chose.

We dream of creating our own route, one that allows us to discover that wine unites and generates bonds of friendship. We want to approach those places that seem so distant, learn about the origins of wine, about the traditions and culture of this drink.


Wine and travel lovers.

We are digital nomads, we travel slow and we do what we love.

Gabriela Zimmer

Writer & Sommelière

I am the founder of La Calicata and who is behind every text.

Wine and vineyard lover, I like to read and write stories.

I always dreamed of slow travel the world and live as a local in the places I visit.

Personal website: en.gabrielazimmer.com

Raphael Carvalho

Photography & Audiovisual

All photos and videos of La Calicata were created by Raphael.

He is a Computer Engineer, a profesional Poker Player and a Crypto Trader.

He is a wine and gastronomy lover. He is always ready for the next destination.