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In the Kannaviou region, in the District of Paphos, Cyprus, is situated Ezousa Winery, named after the Ezousa River which is very close to the winery. Its owners, Michalis Constandinides and Kiveli Zachariadou, together with a group of winery workers and friends began the 2017 harvest. The first variety to be ready for the vintage was the French Viognier. This winery is one of the only Cypriots to bet on this variety so popular in other regions.

The harvest began at 6 am, while the August sun was not yet shinning at its best.

Michalis and Kiveli worked alongside the rest of the harvesters. They are passionate about their wines and teamwork.

The trellis and the height of the plants facilitate, at least a little, the work. Some harvesters use the bins to sit while cutting Viognier’s grapes.

The leader of the harvest, the most experienced of the group and who kept everyone under supervision during work.

Marios, the fastest picker. While he cuts grapes he speaks different languages discussing all subjects and yet he is the most agile. All without losing the smile.

Hands speak for themselves and say a lot. Experience, stories, cuts, roughness and softness.

Overview of the whole team. Temperatures were approaching 30 ° C at midday and the heat sensation was even greater. There were still a few rows left to harvest.

The harvested grapes traveled to the cellar where after being destemmed and crushed they passed to the fermentation tank where they will remain for a few days. In this stage there the Viognier of Ezousa Winery begins the transformation of grape juice into wine.

Thanks to Michalis and Kiveli for inviting us to be part of this harvest of Viognier of Ezousa Winery and thanks to the harvest group for allowing us to photograph and film them during work.

All images in this post are owned by La Calicata and were taken by Raphael Carvalho.

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