La Calicata 2.0: the changes in 2018

As a natural consequence of taking this project with dedication and perseverance, changes arise. We must adapt to the constant variability of the media, the products and the preferences of the public. At La Calicata we are happy to have the opportunity to grow and that what started as a crazy and risky project is a reality, after two years of realization. We want to know all the wine regions of the world and share the stories behind wine. This has been our goal since the beginning.

In 2018 we will be on daily communication through our social networks, which grow day by day in number of followers and content, and also, we will promote our YouTube channel, with new sections and more production in the videos. Of course, the written word, which we like so much, will continue to be an indispensable part of the equation.

New sections in La Calicata from 2018

  • Wine Books

We love reading and wine, these two passions together will be reflected in this section. Here we will talk about the books about wines available in the market. Technical and narrative books. We will bet on the visual format and the reviews will be part of our YouTube channel.

  • Opinion & News

Also as a consequence of growth and continuous training, we rely more and more on our own voice. In this space we will share relevant news from the world of wine, which will reach us first-hand. The contacts and close relationships that we have made in our trips allow us to access information free of intermediaries and without borders. Also, in this space we will share news of La Calicata that we want to tell our readers.

  • Wine Travel Mini-Guides

For a long time we want wine tourism travelers to have the information that we would like to have when planning visits to the different wine regions. We will share all the details that it is necessary to know, the wineries that we liked, the tourist attractions and much more. Why MINI-guides? Because the information will be punctual and basic, to plan the visit to the chosen Wine Region. They will be free and will be available to download or read on the web.

We will also create GUIDES, with more specific and detailed information, of some regions in which we were, or will be, the time necessary to know them thoroughly.

  • Winery Guide

Although the Winery Guide is part of La Calicata from the beginning, we will completely change the way we present the information. Each winery that we visit will have an information sheet where the most relevant data of the company will be detailed. We will complement the Winery Guide with videos of the visits on our YouTube channel.

The usual sections, renewed

As readers of websites and blogs about wines, we form our own preferences regarding the formats that we like the most. We want the information provided to add value to readers. All the contents of La Calicata will be designed to bring wine closer to people, so that each one can form their own judgments about a wine, a producer or a wine region. And above all, and especially, the main objective will be that readers are encouraged to travel, from their homes with a glass of wine or physically to the Wine Regions of the world.

We like YouTube

We confess, we like YouTube. We are consumers of this social network that grows daily and that, in our opinion, is the future. We have invested in the best equipment, software and training so that the videos in 2018 are of excellent quality.

We will continue with our popular Wine Talks where we receive winemakers, sommeliers, producers and other prominent people in the wine world. They tell us about their life and their passion. We chatted in a relaxed way, sharing a glass of wine. In addition, we will continue with our videos about Wine Regions, Harvests around the World, Basic Concepts about Wine and Viticulture and the Travel Vlog.

Also, we will address new themes and formats in our videos. If you have not already done so, subscribe to our channel and help us grow.

Live videos

We will make live videos from the wine regions that we visit. They will be able to see them through Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. In them, we will share information about wine regions, wineries and live wine tasting. You can see what we did last year in Madiran on our Facebook.

New Newsletter

The number of subscribers to the Newsletter has grown substantially, so we are going to make important improvements in sending emails with relevant information. We do not send spam and this premise will continue intact.

If you want to be part of our Newsletter you can subscribe in the form below. We will send you a weekly email with the main news in La Calicata.

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New destinations

We do not plan our destinations too early. We like to be surprised with the opportunities that are presented to us. In 2018 we want to know more wine regions of the Southern Hemisphere. We will start with a tour through the Wine Regions of Uruguay, in the north and south of the country, and during the month of March we will be getting to know Salta, Argentina.

And to you, what wine destination would you like to meet in 2018?

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About the Author:

My name is Gabriela and I am the founder of La Calicata. I slow travel trough the world wine regions looking for beautiful landscapes, stories to tell and unique wines.